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About Whirlcare

Whirlcare * whirlpools and swim spas combine technology, health and ecology in connection with wellness and luxury. And all of this from the point of view of sustainability, environmental protection and CO2 savings. With the future-oriented nature of the manufacturing process, Whirlcare' Industries is a pioneer of the new generation of whirlpools and swim spas. Designed, constructed and manufactured in Germany, taking into account the strictest quality criteria. Our own research and development department stands for the pioneering innovative strength of the company. We help successful people to reduce stress, relieve tension and increase

The Factory

Whirlcare’s hot tubs and swim spas are made in Germany in the town of Deisslingen-Lauffen near Stuttgart. The production in the industry 4.0 with fully automated, robotic manufacturing processes and networked intralogistics guarantees consistent high quality in consideration of ecological and economic aspects. The spa bath and swim spa tubs are made by huge, specially designed machines in a thermoforming process and directly afterwards automatically reinforced. Swim spas with a length of up to twelve meters - and thus the largest in the world- can be produced here.


High-tech robots spray on the recyclable PU material At a 31 meter long CNC machining center, the tubs are further processed before the final assembly takes place, A fully automated guided vehicle system, which accesses modern storage towers, takes the required components to the respective workstations, They ensure fast material transport and reduce walking distances. Their use is therefore standard at Whirlcare Industries.

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Aqua Warehouse

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